There hasn’t been a day in the past 8 years where the memory of Floyd and Jefferson hasn’t been in our hearts and minds. Every time we are downtown, overlooking the water, hiking up a path or sitting on a patio – we are constantly reminded of them. We wanted to create a destination where others could share their memories and celebrate the animal influence.


We have been presented with an opportunity to develop Canada’s first ever legislated pet memorial gardens. Just love animals will be responsible for fundraising, managing and creating a “destination” for all pet lovers to share. We plan to transform the 5 acre property into a "Butchart Gardens style" artist collective. There will be a piece of everybody that cares about animal welfare and wants to be a part of their community.


We have a vision of creating a space for people to meet, remember and enjoy with their companions. Trees, chapels, art installations and brick walk ways will line the property with personalized messages remembering loved ones.


Bringing people together in a celebration of life event is a unique way to acknowledge a loved one’s legacy.  It gives people a chance to gather and talk about their mutual bond with a special being.  In sharing our stories, anecdotes and warm personal moments we're not only looking back:  we're forging new relationships and moving forward by creating new memories that strengthen, comfort and inspire us.